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Scenting Your Wedding with Pure Natural Therapy

Scenting Your Wedding with Pure Natural Therapy

As a bride who shops Indie for their wedding day and supports small businesses, don’t overlook a bespoke wedding detail that can add that extra wow factor to your venue. That extra detail being the power of scent! Smell can be a memory trigger and such a key aspect to consider for your wedding day. Imagine wearing your wedding day perfume or lighting a scented candle which makes you feel the same way you did on your wedding day - warm fuzzy feeling or a nervous wreck, either way, it can trigger that emotion. Don't ask me how - I'm no scientist - it just happens. 

Today I've got my Emily K Weddings hat on and from a wedding planner and stylist perspective, scenting your wedding is something I’m really passionate about. I’m so happy and excited to be partnering up with Gabby at Pure Natural Therapy to work with my couples to create their own unique oil blend for burners. Based on the perfume you’re wearing on your wedding day and the fragrances you prefer, Pure Natural Therapy can create a blend for your day. No off the shelf fragrances, bespoke all the way! I'm a firm believer in delivering that extra special something and I love when I mention scenting your wedding to brides, they usually hadn't given it any thought at all. Why would you though when there are so many other things to think about! 

We caught up with Gabby from Pure Natural Therapy to get the low down on how to scent your wedding day. 

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How can brides scent their wedding using your products?

Scent your wedding by using candles, oil burners and diffusers throughout your venue. Compliment your wedding perfume with the scent of the candles, oil burners and diffusers. 

What are the most popular scents brides choose?

Different scents for different seasons; in Spring something fresh and grassy perhaps, floral for summer and deep and sensuous scents for Winter.

Where would be the best place to locate candles and diffusers for maximum impact within a wedding venue?

Burners and mist diffusers produce the most powerful scent and for a fairly large venue, you would only need one. It can be hidden away on a shelf.

Candles work really well on tables as part of a display.

Reed diffusers with the same scent could be placed in loos.

How can the scent reflect the style of wedding? Rustic, elegant etc

Essential oils are very evocative and can be used to create all sort of different atmospheres. Fresh, floral, herbal, citrus, sensuous and decadent.

How important is scenting your wedding?

A bespoke scent will immediately create a unique atmosphere. If you have chosen a scent which means something to you, it will be even more special.

Smell is an important part of making memories. A single drop of the scent will transport you back to your special day.

You can have candles with your bespoke scent to give as gifts or to keep and burn yourself.

What top tips can you recommend to brides thinking about scents?

Always choose scents which are made from essential oils. Synthetic scents can be very overpowering. Essential oils will complement, not fight with, the smells of food, flowers, guests perfumes etc.

Use soy wax, not paraffin wax as paraffin releases toxins into the air.

A natural way of gently scenting your day.. not knocking guests out with overpowering fumes!

Choose scents which make you feel good, positive and uplifted.

We've also got some gorgeous candles and gifts over on And so to Shop. Take a look and carry on the power of scent. Have a lovely weekend! x

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