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Simon and Louise

Simon and Louise

On 23 July 2015 Simon and Louise said 'I do' at a beautifully relaxed celebration at Oaks Farm, Surrey. Today they share their wedding with you.

I did my make up with rusty, broze and gold colours. It was very subtle but the colours were like those in a sunset, to go with our nature theme. I bought my shoes from Topshop. They are flat, emerald, sparkly loafers and were so comfy to wear all day. I always see brides taking their heels off after about an hour so think heels are sometimes a waste of money. I never wear heels, ever, so I wasn't going to start now. The bridesmaids dresses came from ASOS and were much nicer than any bridesmaid dress I found in a wedding shop. Go highstreet.

We loved having our ceremony and reception in the same venue, a church wedding never appealed to us so Oaks Farm was perfect as it has the most beautiful chapel inspired ceremony room. We also cut the cake before dinner as everyone is always half cut by the end of dinner and it meant we could have our cake as dessert.

My favourite part of the day was walking down the aisle and seeing my fiancé at the end. I got so emotional as it all suddenly felt real and having all of my friends and family there to see was just incredible. Also the speeches and readings were amazing, that was definitely a highlight. And I absolutely adored my dress, I felt wonderful wearing it.

We didn't really have a theme but we wanted everything to be really natural and were influenced by the colours you find in nature. We got engaged in Norway where there is a lot of woodland, lakes and green - I think that inspired us a lot. We had wooden holders for our candles and place name holders and the flowers in the bouquets were white roses, peonies and yellow roses. The bridesmaids dresses were a floral pattern to fit with the "no theme theme" we chose and they all looked beautiful. 

We love travelling as a couple and so our tables were named after our favourite places, all tables came with personalised menus with stories about the places we had visited. My husband came up with that idea and people loved it. Our favours were mini bottles of alcohol you buy on planes which went down a treat. We also had subtle nautical symbols in our invites, we got engaged on a lake so we wanted to subtly get that in there too. It was a really laid back day.

I asked one of my university lecturers if he could supply me with a photobooth. He did and I'm so happy we did. When you look at the photos after the day it gives you an insight into the amount of alcohol people drank! And it gives your guests another favour they will actually keep.

We bought our wedding rings on holiday and got them made and shipped over. They are made from Canadian gold and I love Canada so that was another personal touch. We bought our own booze, if I can give one tip then find a venue with no corkage and buy from a stockist. It saved us a lot of money.

Our advice would be:

- To get a good photographer. I can't explain how important it was for us to have Alline from Beatrici Photography. She was incredible.

- Don't worry about canapes, people will appreciate the free booze more.

- It isn't important that the bridesmaids wear the same shoes, you will not care on the day.

- Do your own make up. I did mine, my mum's, my sister's and one of my bridesmaids. You will spend hundreds of pounds on someone doing it for you but if you do it yourself you will be able to keep all the products and top it up on the day. If you are worried you can't do it then just practice loads beforehand.

- Invite everyone you want. Even if it stretches you a bit, you won't care on the day.

- Search wholesale for decoration. Shops will charge you an absolute bomb.

- Get as many friends to help you as possible with setting up. It helps.

- Get it filmed. It may cost a few quid but it is the one thing all my friends who got married before me told me they regretted. Just do it, you will forget some things after the day and watching it back is the best thing. 

YSL waterproof black mascara is your best friend!

We'd like to thank all our friends and family for making it the most perfect wedding day.

With thanks to:

Photographer: Beatrici Photography 

Wedding dress designer - Rembo Styling

Wedding cakes - Patisserie Valerie

Flowers - Carla Allen 

Music - Gayle Rodriguez 

Hair - Ross McLaughlan 

Videographer - Stolen Hearts Productions 

Shoes - Topshop

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