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Snapchat Your Wedding

Snapchat Your Wedding

 The friendliest ghost since our good pal Casper, Snapchat is a firm favourite. But did you know they have recently rolled out a super cool feature too that’s perfect for weddings, but no-one seems to be really talking about it? I want to change all that, so here’s my guide to creating your own Snapchat filter for your wedding!

Did you know you can do that?!

This means that you can create a personalised frame to overlay photos taken in a specific boundary at a specific time, to celebrate events. This means that all of your guests can have access to a specific filter with your names and design on, just by virtue of being in the area of your wedding!

It’s not as technical as it sounds either, otherwise I’d have locked it far, far away and moved very quickly on in fear of breaking it. And the best thing, it’s cheap! Win win!

1. Firstly—most importantly—you need to design the filter. This is actually the only slightly difficult part about the process, and even then, it's not enough that you should be put off! To make things easier you can download a load of templates from Snapchat’s website, which you can then customise. You do need to have Photoshop for this, but you can get a free 30 day trial from the Adobe website, and there are plenty of tutorials out there on Youtube so you can master the basic skills you need for this task. I muddled along fine with a very very limited skillset that I amassed from watching over my very talented designery friend’s shoulder, so I’ve no doubt you’ll rock it. Plus, learning a new skill for weddings is part of the fun, right?!

A great thing to think about—and this is what I did—is to search Pinterest for some free downloadable graphics made by very kind artists that you can then use. Just make sure they’ll allow you to use them and that’s half the job done! I’ve compiled a list of my favourites below!

Or, if you’re having a designer specifically for your invitations, maybe ask them if they’d create a filter to match. There are loads of Etsy sellers who do bundles too for a brilliant price.

2. Make sure your filter follows the guidelines Snapchat set out. It must be 1080 pixels wide x 1920 pixels tall, and it must be a .png file (this is a super common file that loads of pictures are saved in, so this isn’t scary computer talk either). Their full guidelines can be found on the website, but a basic summary is: no promotion, self-promotion or offensive words/images, and you’re ready and raring to go!

3. Choose the dates you want your filter to be available for. You can set it for hours or for days, however long you’re going to be celebrating for – just watch out for the time zones! It’s no good doing it on Californian time…unless you’re celebrating there, in which case, you GO girlfriends. You can only do it a month or so in advance, too, so by all means make your graphic now, but you may not be able to upload it for a while (you keen bean.)

4. Mark your geofence. Bear in mind that anyone in this vicinity will be able to use the filter whether they’re actually at the do or not—make it as specific as you can.

5. At this point Snapchat should give you an estimate price (and it’s not that expensive considering the wow factor – it can be as cheap as $5). You’ll then enter your card details etc, and send it off for review. This should come back within a day – then you’re good to go!

Free downloads (just double check with the owner if you can use them, I don’t want you getting in trouble):

http://creativenerds.co.uk/freebies/best-ever-handsketched-free-vector-elements/ (Design by freepik.com)







Is this something you’re going to try for your wedding day? Let us know in the comments, we’d love to hear your ideas!

Written by Ellie

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