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The Bridesmaid Box

The Bridesmaid Box

This morning I’m starting by foraying far into the wedding blogging world with a DIY project I absolutely adore. (Drum roll, please…) may I introduce, the Bridesmaid Box.

It’s universally acknowledged that asking your bridesmaids to be your bridesmaids is a massive thing, and a special day for everyone. (I asked my mum where she asked hers, and she said “I can’t remember - I just remember there being a lot of hugs”. Helpful. My stepmum didn’t have any bridesmaids - even less helpful.) Wherever and however you do it, it’s going to be a great moment, and a great memory. With my crafty hat on however, (Ellie’s got her hat on, hip hip hip hooray), I’ve been polishing up my ideas about a special way to ask them.

The bridesmaid box

It’s crafty, it’s cute, and it’s something different. Already, I love it. It can easily be disguised, too, as a normal, well-thought-out present – the kind where you spend more on the box and the shredded paper and the confetti and the ribbon than the actual contents of the box itself – until you get to the bottom. It’s a box of items related to the wedding, with something at the bottom asking them to play a part in your big day.

 Here’s a few ideas for gifts that I came up with:

  • Nail varnish. If you know the colour schemes of your wedding already: great, give them the colour you want them to wear on the big day. If not, nail varnishes are (luckily for us) hilariously named, so you can get one with a name related to weddings - Essie’s Trophy Wife, or O.P.I’s Otherwise Engaged, for example. (Take 5 minutes out of this excellent blog to browse O.P.I’s nail varnish names. Brilliant.)

  • Lipstick. It doesn’t have to be one they’d ever wear themselves (although it’s great if they would); it’s more to create this amazing keepsake on your hen night. (Henbox titled theirs ‘kissing the single life away’!)

  • A permanent marker - because this day will be permanently in your heart! I hear you cry. Yes, true, but also so they can write a special something on the sole of your wedding shoe on the big day. (They could be different shades of blue, if you wanted to use that as your something blue)

  • A chalkboard and chalk - or a whiteboard if, like me, chalkboards make you feel very uncomfortable. (It’s the sound). This means on your wedding day, you can have a gorgeous photo with you and your bridesmaids, each holding up a board with their answer to a question – Where did you meet the bride? What’s your piece of advice for married life? What’s your nickname for her? What’s your relationship to her?

  • A special notebook/special paper for them to write you some special advice or words of wisdom, to collect at the wedding, in an old style postbox.

  • If you’re in America, you could include some personalised Yankee Candles!

  • Heart-shaped teabags, for all those times you’ve stressed yourself into a frenzy and need a break. You can make these with their favourite tea blend in, or even coffee. They’re incredibly easy to make, and will be on the blog soon!

If you’re disguising this as just a normal (albeit brilliant) present, then you need to find a way of hiding the big reveal at the bottom. Even with these five words, there’s loads of ways it can be done - a hand-written card, like this one from Loveli, a balloon that pops to reveal your ask, a bag of confetti…an embroidered handkerchief to mop up the unconsolable and unstoppable tears of your recipient as they finally realise the magnitude of the situation. If you’re not bothered about keeping it a surprise, go crazy with your hand lettering nad paint the top or the lid of the box in glittery ink.

The possibilities and combinations with this project are limitless, and that’s why we love it. There’s so much scope for inside jokes and personal themes that it’s the perfect way to ask the leading ladies in your life to lead you down the aisle.

How did you ask your bridesmaids? How are you planning to ask your bridesmaids? Let me know! 

Written by Ellie Kime

Image by Best Day Ever

Card by LoveLi

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