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The Indie Wedding Fair

The Indie Wedding Fair

We are so excited to announce that this year we will be working alongside The Indie Wedding Fair to bring you a curated collection of independent and style savvy wedding businesses hosted within a warehouse in the heart of gritty, industrial Sheffield on Sunday 30th April.

To celebrate we have an interview with Elinor Softley-Robins the founder of The Indie Wedding Fair and truly fabulous girl boss.

For those of our readers who don't know about The Indie Wedding Fair, please can you tell them a bit about it? 

The Indie Wedding Fair is an alternative style of wedding fair to many. It is closely curated (by yours truly) with a beady eye to ensure both a variety and high quality of vendor, and is focused on supporting smaller, passionate businesses and the creative industry. Its indie friendly; the exhibitor costs are not prohibitively expensive for those still creating and crafting from their studios (and kitchens and bedrooms!), which in turns lends itself to a really non-pushy, no pressure, no hard sell on the day kind of atmosphere. I like to think of it as the ‘good vibes’ Northern wedding fair.

It’s there to help people to explore their options rather than accepting a ‘standard wedding package’. It’s there to inspire and spark the creativity of the couple getting hitched, enabling them to consider what’s really important to them for their wedding, what sort of style they like, and how they might like to prioritise their budget. It is also a fantastic opportunity to meet face-to-face with the incredible, passionate suppliers behind the products and the brands in a frankly awesome environment.

Last year’s Fair was a fantastic event, showcasing some really unique wedding businesses, what does this year’s event have in store? 

This year sees a move to a different city (Sheffield) and a different style of venue, one which I personally love to organise and coordinate weddings in: urban, industrial spaces. I have been squirrelling away to seek out new indie talent, including creatives more local to the area…but also have made new links with businesses in London and Manchester to bring the greatest variety to the event, which really complements the vibe and style of the Fair. I have obviously taken everything I learned from the last Indie Wedding Fair on board to make this one even better than the last! The supplier list is already absolutely stonking, I’m excited to see the direction the fair is taking, and how far it’s reaching.

What do you feel makes The Indie Wedding Fair different from other wedding fairs?

We’re pretty niche in our level of pickiness in terms of vendor, which I think is pretty refreshing! It means so much more to me to have quality over quantity. To make the experience unlike other fairs and to appeal to the style-savvy couple who maybe want to push the boundaries a bit with their wedding, having something more design-led, bespoke, quirky and non-traditional, perhaps.

I also feel like I get to know all of the vendors, their products, brand and ethos. Unlike other, more standard wedding fairs, I have a real investment in each business and they have an investment in us. 

You clearly love indie wedding businesses and have a real passion for couples being able to express themselves on their wedding day, what advice would you give to our brides and grooms-to-be when planning their wedding?

As a planner/coordinator, the first thing I would always suggest is that you set your budget and try not to get carried away by the wealth of blogs and Pinteresting to be done! They are a great source of inspiration but can soon get overwhelming and it’s important to really hone what it is you want from your wedding day (and what you can afford without flogging a kidney) before getting turbo giddy. Buying stuff really early on without a clear direction often results in changing your mind about styling or suppliers and ending up with a load of redundant stuff. I would always recommend you bring personality and touches to the day that reflect you as a couple: your style, your tastes and the relationship you have together. That’s what makes it personal.

Are you planning on organising further Indie Wedding Fairs in the future? 

Yup! It may be exhausting at times but I feel like I wouldn’t be without it, now. I believe in the concept and I do genuinely love doing them. The feedback was so, so good for the last Indie Wedding Fair it’d have been rude not to do it again! If it ever looked like it would become ‘just another wedding fair’ then it wouldn’t work for me, but that’s why I do it - so it’s not like all the others.

The Indie Wedding Fair takes place on Sunday 30th April, how can our readers get tickets? 

You can book tickets here, have a stalky stalky on my Instagram @elinorsoftleyweddings as well as the website www.indieweddingfair.co.uk to get an idea of what’s in store. We are offering free early bird tickets, £7 VIP tickets which include a tat-free goody bag and a glass of fizz, or it’s £2 entry on the door. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to speak to us Elinor, we're so excited for The Indie Wedding Fair and can't wait to share it with our readers. Is there anything else you'd like to add…

Thanks ‘And So to Wed’ team, for being indie champions and getting on board with this event. I can’t wait to see what treats are in store in the goody bags and to work with you guys again.



Interview by Elinor Softley-Robins The Indie Wedding Fair

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