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The List of Usher Duties

The List of Usher Duties

So you’ve been asked to be an usher for your mate, now what? Today's blog post is a quick guide to those usher duties you didn't know existed. It's not just about wearing the same suit as your mates, you have stuff to do...

Before the Wedding

Although your list of duties may not be as long as the best man’s before the wedding day, you need to be there for additional help. Planning the stag do is a major task and helping out any way you can won't go amiss. 

Keep the groom calm before the wedding day and on the morning of. 

Photography by     Sarah Maria Photography  - Emma and Danny Wedding

Photography by  Sarah Maria Photography - Emma and Danny Wedding

The Ceremony

Your job here is to help with arranging guests and making sure everyone is where they need to be for the ceremony to start.

  • Greet guests and escort them into the venue. 
  • Hand out order of the days, confetti cones, etc. 
  • You should get to know the venue, where the toilets are, where the car park is, etc so you can inform guests in case they ask. 
  • Be a calm and polite helper no matter what.
  • Direct people to their seats on arrival to the ceremony. 
  • Help guests any way you can. Holding an umbrella for them, etc, you name it, be their go-to guy.
  • If there's a confetti shot, help coordinate. 
  • Have spare print outs of readings and speeches - just in case. 
Photography by Paul and Nanda - Paul and Hannah Wedding

Photography by Paul and Nanda - Paul and Hannah Wedding

The Reception

  • Usher guests to make their way to the reception and make sure there are no stragglers. Everyone to be seated before the bride and groom enter. 
  • Highlight the guest book to guests and encourage them to leave a message for the newlyweds. 
  • Know where the area for cards and gifts is to direct guests. 
  • You may need to introduce the bride and groom and compare the speeches as the best man will be prepping for his speech too. Be there to go through the speech with the best man. Be honest with your feedback!
  • You may be called upon to start dancing, although you're not a performing monkey, help a mate out and help them not feel awkward on the dance floor.
  • Control and manage any drunken situations. 
  • Direct people to taxis at the end of the evening. 

Post Wedding

  • Clean and tidy if needed!
  • Return any hire items if it will help the bride and groom. 
  • Say a huge thank you for being part of the wedding day.
  • Put your feet up, your work is done! 


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