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The  Modern Bride That Could: Styling Guide

The Modern Bride That Could: Styling Guide

Today we are just a teeny bit smug as we publish this dreamy blog post from our brand spanking new even dreamier supplier, The Vintage House That Could. Katie has the prettiest life we’ve ever seen and she’s so bloomin’ lovely she’s set up a business to help share the prettiness too! After realising she probably shouldn’t buy any more stuff for her own home (a girl after our own heart), Katie decided to team her incredible collection of beautiful vintage goodies with her inimitable eye for styling to create her props and styling business. The result is a veritable treasure trove of stunning vintage loveliness, all sourced by Katie herself. Katie can help you in any aspect of styling whether it be full event styling or personal shopping for your own vintage collection (and believe me, when you stalk her Instagram you’ll realise you will never know true happiness again until you start a little vintage collection of your own a la The Vintage House That Could’s).

The trademark charm of her styling treasures (and nothing glib or twee) lends itself perfectly to stunning wedding days full of personality and energy, but if you can’t wait to see her full inventory and want to get planning now, Katie’s very kindly given us her 5 top tips to maximise wedding styling – The Modern Bride That Could…

1. Follow Fashion

Stuck for ideas? Then I look towards fashion trends, even though I believe weddings should be timeless it is a great starting point. Looking forward, 2018 will see the return of Baroque, heavy embroidery and opulence - how exciting that you could include this in your big day! When I think of Baroque I think of Beauty and the Beast too, with sumptuous fabrics and ornate, over the top banquets. Include brass, gold and strong colours.

Tropical is also still big in fashion and I love nothing better than incorporating botanicals and pops of pink into my styling. This is especially amazing if you have a greenhouse type venue or large white space to fill. Think Miami heat, Cuba and LA Cool!!!

2. Think Bold

The temptation when planning a wedding is to go safe. A venue will very often supply you with the white linen and napkins and it is super easy to go with it. Whilst I love a crisp white backdrop, tables are a massive part of your overall styling and if you want to make a statement then GO BOLD. I like to use vintage floral fabrics in clashing patterns to cover my tables, especially if you are styling a marquee or large industrial space where bold works particularly well. If you don’t want a complete bold statement then I use my fabrics as runners, the best of both worlds.

3. Be You

The hardest part of my job is to be constantly creative and 100% unique. With approximately 250,000 weddings in the UK per year it is pretty hard to do something that has never been done! However, you are all unique and there won’t be many couples out there that share your personal mix of interests and hobbies. So, my advice is to go with that - I always start my consultations with this question and go from there. Channelling these ideas is the tricky part, as combining your joint love of wrestling and boxer dogs is a mean feat! But there will be subtle things that we can do to incorporate this and this is what will make your wedding stand out and be memorable too.

4. Pin With Caution

Oh I love Pinterest, really I do, and I don’t know what we would do without it but be careful! So often clients come to me with such a huge array of ideas from pinning every wedding that has ever been. Ideas are fabulous but just remember that not everything goes with everything. Try and just stick to one board for the whole wedding rather than individual boards for each aspect. This way when you open it up you can see it as a whole and usually things stick out as not belonging.

Also, remember your choice of venue very much dictates your styling unless it is a complete blank canvas. Don’t fight against the venue; you picked it because you fell in love with it so work with it not against it. Bring all of your ideas to a consultation but then let the stylist advise you. That’s what we are here for after all.

5. Have fun

This is your one and only chance to push the boat out (usually) - weddings shouldn’t be and don’t have to be boring. You are in control; you are both there to have a good time. Treat it as an excuse to have a jolly good party and throw caution to the wind! I can assure you that if you are relaxed and let other people do the hard work for you then you and your guests will be relaxed and have the best celebration of your love, your happiest day. Don’t get stressed and enjoy every moment.

Written by Ellie Kime and Katie Sutton from The Vintage House That Could

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