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Time To Sparkle

Time To Sparkle

 It’s a running joke in my family that I must have been a magpie in a previous life because I’m automatically attracted to anything remotely sparkly, and this definitely doesn’t stop in my attitude to weddings. Instead of giving off tacky turn-of-the-millennium vibes, sparkly can be elegant and effective, exuding class and style. If I’ve convinced you to add sparkly décor to your sparkly ring and your eyes sparkling with tears, read on for some ideas as to how to incorporate it into your wedding.

It’s also worth pointing out that all forms of glitz are welcome here, we don’t discriminate: whether it’s sparkle, glitter, sequins, or shimmer, we’re big fans.

  • Your edibles. You may be serving sparkles for your guests anyway in the reception, whilst you take a moment to be alone with your husband for the first time (complete side note – try and make time for this on your wedding day. You won’t regret it). Why not up the sparkles by coating the rim with edible glitter, or adding some into the cocktail? We’re still loving the sweetness of the candyfloss champagne cocktail that took social media by storm earlier this year! Also, add glitter onto your cakes – have a glittery cake tier, sparkly donuts, and shimmery macarons.

  • Your outfits. Some shiny subtlety is definitely achievable here! Consider sparkle when you shop for accessories: shoes and shoulder covers look amazing with a bit of sparkle, and hair accessories provide the perfect opportunity to have some WOW factor without going OTT. But why limit yourself to accessories? Explore glitter in your dress, whether it’s a partially hidden lower layer that will catch the light as you walk, or it’s detailing on top of the dress, with sparkly embroidery or intricate beading. Get bridesmaids dresses in shimmery fabrics with slight but successful sparkle.

  • Alternatively, go hard, and then go home content in the knowledge that your wedding was an explosion of glittery wonderousness. We’re talking maximum-impact accessories, dazzling sequined bridesmaids dresses, glittery bowties, beautifully glitzy boutonnieres, and glitter beards. If you love sparkles, embody them in every medium on your day, and totally own how exceptionally chic you look whilst doing it.
  • Your décor. Sequin tablecloths can provide the ultimate in sumptuous styling. They provide some old-school glamour but can be made modern with striking contrasts to flora and fauna, and provide the perfect backdrop to any element of the wedding. If you’re using plain tablecloths, use glitter as table scatter, and think about sparkly table centrepieces. Think about daubing feathers or flowers in glitter to incorporate some natural textures. Use glitter balloons and glitter as confetti too.

  • Your entertainment. Go for some carnival carnage with a make up and glitter booth provided for your guests, where MUAs apply glitter and gems to everyone’s faces and shower them with instant stardom. Think about old-style fake tattoo and airbrush parlours, but taken up several notches. It’s fun, it’s fresh, and it’s fantastically sparkly – and it’s totally gender-neutral too. Don’t think this is just one for the girls to get their make-up touched up – this is a place for everyone to explore their inner magpie.

  • Your favours. Make a specific glitter mix and pop it into little tubes for everyone as a favour. Alternatively, take your favours and just add some sparkle – paint bottles with glitter, provide everyone with sparklers, dust sugared almonds with edible glitter.

Obviously sparkles can come to life in any element of your day—the more the merrier!—and this is not an exhaustive list at all. Instead we just want to maybe challenge your idea of sparkly weddings and open some doors you never thought could be glittery with regards to your wedding. How are you going to make your big day super sparkly? Tell Mama Magpie and all her magpie friends in the comments!

Written by Ellie Kime

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