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Transforming your wedding venue

Transforming your wedding venue

With the number of venues that offer wedding ceremonies and receptions on the rise we have seen an increase in wedding couples choosing really unique locations to hold their big day. From farms filled with lavender fields to festival style tepee weddings there is really no limit to your imagination. However as couples move away from the more traditional hotel weddings we have also seen a need for couples to get creative with transforming their venue.

Many venues now offer a blank canvas which is perfect for couples to stamp their personality onto, but this transformation can also be a somewhat daunting task. Pulling together everything you need for a memorable wedding reception from the basics of tables and chairs to the flowers and favours is a big job and one which needs planning with precision! We like to advise couples to always consider the “3 F’s” when they are transforming their wedding venue “Furniture, Flowers and Features”. This is a great way to help you consolidate your wedding planning and you can consider what you want to include in each category.


Of course this is vital for any occasion. Your guests will need chairs to sit on and tables to eat from but that’s not all! You may want to consider setting up a pop up bar with bar stalls and poseur tables, or you might want to create a restful chill out area with low sofa’s and daybeds where your guests can relax and catch up when they finish dancing. When picking your furniture you need to think about how it will fit in with the style of the venue where you are getting married and the theme of your wedding. So for example a traditional stately home may require gorgeous antique style furnishings whereas a festival themed marquee wedding may want a more modern, urban look.


We always feel that flowers can really transform your venue styling. They can be expensive so it’s worth the time to really consider how they can be used to their best effect to make your wedding look stunning. Many brides and grooms are moving away from the traditional floral table decorations and are instead looking for other ways to use flowers and foliage. Ivy wrapped around chairs can look beautiful as can rustic crates overflowing with meadow flowers. It is also a great idea to use seasonal flowers if possible, and use these to mirror and complement the colour themes of the wedding.


The final touch to any venue styling is the fabulous features that will make your wedding stand out from the crowd. Now is the time to really use your imagination to inject an element of personality and individuality into your big day. We have seen couples use everything from ice sculptures to chocolate fountains to wow their guests. Bubble and smoke machines are really popular for parties featuring a disco, whilst large light up letters spelling out the happy couple’s name can add a touch of glamour to an evening reception.

Whilst transforming your wedding venue can be hard work it can also be a lot of fun! Wedding blogs and Pinterest boards can provide you with design inspiration and it can be a good idea to make a scrapbook or pin-board of your own to collate your ideas and help with your planning. 

Written by Emma, Rio Lounge 

Photography from Rio Lounge, Pamella Dunn, Typical Type

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