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Vintage Flower Crown Styling Tips

Vintage Flower Crown Styling Tips

Flower Crown Boho Wedding Inspiration

In a very Des'ree way - ooooh, this is giving me shivers. Flower crowns burst onto the scene a couple of years ago, and they're here to stay - and with very good reason. The perfect accessory for a boho bride who wants something fun and playful but still stylish and demure, they're completely bespoke to your personal style. Where you wear them (as in, across your forehead or on your head like an aliceband, they're pretty much non-negotiably to be worn on your head), how big and full they are and what colours they use are all down to you. Today's shoot is a perfect example of how to style a beautifully ethereal flower crown for a swoonworthy winter boho look. That crisp winter sunshine is just the icing on the flower crown's cake! We asked the lady behind it, Gilly Page, for what advice she'd give to brides for finding the perfect flower crown for their big day - because believe us, there's a LOT of options!

What is your styling advice for brides?

My styling advice to brides considering a period style vintage wedding is to trust your instinct and follow your heart. Find that special something that makes your heart sing and build your day around that! In this case it was the flower crown which led onto the dress which led us to our setting...

Your day is to tell your story so bring personal elements into all aspects of your day with a carefully curated collection of items old, new, borrowed and blue. Maybe incorporate heirloom pieces from members of your family that are precious to you, something special to you and your husband to be or something new that can become your heirloom piece to hand down through the generations...

Also, don't be restricted by convention or trends - if you want a picnic on the grass under a canopy of trees for you and your guests then do it! Be comfortable and happy with every element. As it is a day you will remember forever and one that is unique to you, so let the styling and setting, your gown and accessories reflect that...


What's your favourite piece that you've ever made?

My favourite piece has to be the flower crown - just look at those feathers! And those colours ... it was love at first sight - I just had to create something beautiful with them. I just love using beautiful silk flowers, ribbons and lace with bespoke engraved silver charms to tell a story which creates an heirloom piece that can be treasured keepsake and handed down through the generations. 


What are your tips for wearing a flower crown?

Tips to consider when wearing a flower crown, make sure your flower crown fits and is comfortable! you will be wearing your crown all day and it will be an integral part of your look so you want it to fit perfectly! When I create a bespoke crown it is made to measure to the bride's requirements, to make sure you won't feel the need to take it off at any point during the day. Also, wear the crown for a little while before your big day if possible - that way any adjustments that need to be made can be done so before the big day, in plenty of time and stress free! This is a great advantage of keepsake flower crowns, rather than fresh floral ones, as it allows room and time for manoeuvre. 

Make sure your choice of flowers are the right size to compliment your head and face size and shape. Consider what suits you: bold blousy blooms or small and delicate sprays? The size and shape of the flowers may also determine how you wear your crown - with your crown sitting with the blooms on your forehead or the crown sat further back on your head. Try both ways to see which is most comfortable and also what suits you best. The way you have your hair can also affect this - are you having an up-do, or a very flowing, natural look? Will your hair be short, or long? Decisions, decisions...

It is also important to consider the colour choice of your flowers against your skin tone, making sure your colour choice compliments your skin tone and brings your face and complextion alive. On top of this, make sure your make-up look also compliments your flower crown and colour palette. Take your crown to your make up trial to discuss it with your make up artist, and try it on with the two together afterwards to make sure you are happy before your big day.



How did you bring this shoot together?

I got the inspiration for this shoot as soon as she created the flower crown. I totally fell in love with the gorgeous gold and grey peacock feathers, the metallic golds and greys of the flowers and the wild fronds of foliage, and knew I had to create something beautiful with them, as they were particularly special! 

Having always loved the mood and romance of days gone by and having always been inspired by the details and fabrics of yesteryear, my favourite place to indulge my passion is in the vintage treasure-trove that is The Looking Glass Bridgnorth. Each piece has its own story to tell (and still its own story to continue weaving) as they're all truly unique, one-off pieces. The dress we used was absolutely perfect, as it completely evoked the spirit and romance I wanted to create.  The colours were spot on, as they really made the whole look sing!

Once the marriage of dress and crown was complete the vision of the story I wanted to tell really sprang to life in my head - I was building my own romantic novel of yesteryear. Our bride was a vision of beauty and love making her way under canopies of trees, along secret pathways, beside the lake, to the boathouse and finally to a romantic picnic laid out upon the grass under a canopy of trees amongst natures flora and fauna, beauty and wonder - sound breathtaking, doesn't it? The stunning parkland and gardens of Dudmaston Hall was the perfect setting to bring this story to life.

.This shoot was brought together with the help of a truly great bunch of artisans who understood exactly what I wanted in terms of the look and feel of the shoot! It is so important working on a wedding inspiration shoot as well as a real wedding that everyone involved really understands what is required and that absolutely was the case with this shoot. The power of pinterest is amazing in creating a moodboard to bring your ideas and inspirations together and for individuals involved to get an insight into what is required on the day. Lucie, our photographer understood exactly the story I wanted to tell and captured that story perfectly, while our beautiful model Leah was so good at living what I'd only imagined in my head. The gorgeous naked wedding cake was the centrepiece of our romantic picnic and captured beautifully the ethereal quality of this shoot while the beautiful hand printed stationary by Trish Cameo was super romantic and absolutely gorgeous. 


With thanks to: 

Concept and Styling || Gilly Page

Photography || Lucie Brady

Styling Assistant || Annie Lynch

Venue  || Dudmaston Hall                                                                 

Bespoke Heirloom Flower Crown, Flower Wreath and Keepsake Jewellery || Gilly Page                                         

Vintage Wedding Gown || The Looking Glass                                                                

Hair & Make-Up || Lizzie Parkin                                                

Cake || It's Made By Leah

Stationery || Cameo Creative Wedding Stationery

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