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You are the Gin to my Tonic

You are the Gin to my Tonic

As it’s Friday and, as we will be having one later, what better blog post to start the weekend with, than one about Gin and Tonic. A little bit about how to make this drink special and play a part in your wedding day...

The gin trend is booming at the minute and I, for one, hope it isn’t going anywhere especially in weddings. It’s adaptable, refreshing and makes the perfect tipple for a spring, summer, autumn and even winter wedding. It can be styled up or down to go with your wedding style too and served in so many ways. Take a look at some ideas below but before you do we thought we’d share some little random facts about gin - oooo the educational bit for Friday. Thank you Sipsmith for educating us about our favourite drink. 

- Gin was born around 1689. The earliest known food pairing occurred in 1731: gingerbread. This became quite common and is still traditional in parts of England.
- While British sailors received a daily rum ration, British naval officers got a daily ration of gin. Lucky devils.
- British naval ships were supplied and mixed their daily drinks with limes rather than lemons (which contain more vitamin C) as British investors with connections in Parliament had invested in Caribbean lime plantations.
- Gin’s primary flavour is the sweet pine and soft citrus of the juniper berry. All other botanicals are added to highlight nuances of this complex and sophisticated flavour.
- Sloe gin pairs exceptionally well with strong, blue cheeses – though it’s also equally palatable in more summery drinks.
- Though James Bond’s famous “shaken, not stirred” line is probably the most remembered Martini quote in the world, the majority of bartenders disagree, and would recommend a stirred Martini instead, as shaking prompts too much dilution.

(Information sourced from Sipsmith)

Photo Source || Sipsmith

The simple gin and tonic, although remains delicious, has been updated and moulded towards the 21st century cocktail revolution. There are so many different flavoured gins on the market now and different mixers to try. The combination of drinks for your wedding day is endless! 

As an engaged couple planning a wedding and looking for those little additional wedding day details, spicing up your wedding day drinks could be the way forward. Here are our top 5 ideas to tailor your gin into your wedding day. 

1. Create a DIY gin bar

Waiters could circulate a “naked” gin and tonic (a simple G&T) to guests and then encourage wedding guests to flavour their drinks to make them bespoke. A table could be styled beautifully with lush ingredients including fruit, edible flowers, herbs and spices and guests can make their drink individual just like your wedding day! 

Photography || Jessica Davies Photography

2. Put together a Gin menu 

If your venue already has a bar, ask them to stock 3-5 different gins for your wedding day. Use these as a menu for your day and create a menu board to match your stationery with bit about each one. Your guests will be surprised at you Gin connoisseur skills.

3. Hire a specialised Gin bar 

There a few bartenders specialising in bespoke Gin menus available to hire for your wedding day. The Horse Box Bar from Eat Me Drink Me would be a perfect addition to your welcome drinks.  Especially if the weather is glorious, gin on the lawn with croquet, it doesn’t get much more English than that! 

Photo Source || The Horse Box Bar

4. Toast with gin 

Instead of having your wedding speeches toasted with the standard fizz, go for an elegant gin and tonic cocktail with a fancy garnish. This one looks so pretty and delicious from Sipsmith.

Photo Source || Sipsmith

5. Gin and tonic favours and gifts

Gin and tonic themed favours are also a fab way to include your favourite tipple within your day. The favours could be miniatures with a little tonic bottle and sherbet lemon drop. Totally cute. Or it could be a gin and tonic scented candle or sweets. Get researching on And so to Shop, there are some really cute ways to say thank you on there. 

So there you have it, 5 ways to have Gin on your wedding day and totally your way! 

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