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Hello to all my fellow brides to be… 
My name is Dobrila and I live in a small village called Robin Hood near Leeds, with my fiancé Rob and our Bengal cat Boo. Rob proposed to me on the 13th March 2014 outside Buckingham palace, it was a very romantic and special day that I will never forget. Being engaged I had so many mixed feelings and emotions, of course I was extremely happy and excited, all the people in your lives are also extremely happy and excited for you and everyone wants to celebrate with you both…I can’t even remember the amount of bubbles we drank during this time, not that I’m complaining! Naturally however, your brain goes into over drive and I started to get a little overwhelmed with everything that I had to think about to plan our wedding.  Needless to say I have had days and weeks where I have been very stressed making sure I have accounted for everything, meeting deadlines and trying to think about the theme/style of the wedding we would like to have. 
Since then I have been doing a huge amount of research and planning for our perfect day…I am very much a perfectionist and I love organising, so I have been creating mood boards, endless Pinterest folders, spreadsheets, reading every bridal magazine you can find and visiting numerous venues hosting wedding fairs to get my inspiration. I also arranged a day out with some girls to The National Wedding Show in Manchester, which was a brilliant experience and one I would absolutely recommend, so many things to enjoy and explore.  There are lots of vendors offering deals on photography, hair and makeup, invites, cakes and most importantly wedding dresses.  It’s a great day out with your friends/family and it definitely gets you feeling like a bride. 
I do believe research, planning and organising are key to the success of creating the perfect day for you and your partner, it's satisfying to shop around, getting ideas from various sources and feeling 100% confident in the decisions you are making. 
I was born in Croatia and lived in my hometown Porec until I was 10 years old, which is when we moved to the UK. From a young age, as most little girls do, I dreamt of the one day I could be a princess, and thinking of my wedding day, I couldn’t imagine getting married anywhere else but in the church in my hometown in Croatia with all of our dearest family and friends. There was a lot to do once Rob and I decided this was definitely where we wanted to get married and I have had to be extremely organised planning our wedding abroad.  The first thing I did was ask my four closest friends and two younger sisters to be my bridesmaids, I just couldn’t imagine my day without them by my side as I walk down the aisle. 
I decided the best way forward was to speak to a wedding planner in Croatia who could help me with booking the church, reception venue, photographer, florist, band etc…this has been a big help even though I have done a lot of the work myself, it has been good to know I have someone who I can double and triple check things with and know that there will be someone helping me coordinate everything for our big day. 
We have actually booked our wedding day now for the 21st May 2016…there is still a lot to do and it has been a long road to get this far, but I am super excited! We have also decided to have a UK reception after our honeymoon to celebrate with all of the people that may not be able to attend our wedding in Croatia.   
Now that I have my plan of action in place, I’m very excited to start ticking everything off the list leading up to the big day…and I’m very much looking forward to sharing all my experiences and tips with you all.

Dobrila x 

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Hi, I'm Hollie and I live in Pontefract, West Yorkshire. I’m 27, and my partner is Adam, 28. We’ve been really close friends since college (yeah, I know.. yuk!) where we met in an 80s nightclub, dancing like we’d never danced before. He must have wooed me with his excellent robot or I must have wooed him with my outstanding Van Halen-style jump, you know how it goes. We’ve been those kind of people that are always together since then and eventually became an official ‘thing’ without really realising it. We have a gorgeous, recently-turned 6 year old little boy named Charlie, who is an absolute Daddy replica, copying anything Adam does. He’s the best. I run a fanzine called The Low Road which includes articles, poetry and illustration in my local area and I also write for a football website called Owls Alive. I work in a record store and in my spare time I volunteer locally for the  Lioness Club. I  enjoy  going  to  watch live music and other  indie, off-the-beaten  track  events, as well as hosting my own.  I also enjoy making things and illustrating. My family are a creative family; my side are into sewing, art and handmade things and Adam is in a band so he’s into all the music side of things. These are definitely two elements we’re going to bring to our wedding. We’re at the very beginning of our ‘wedding journey’ having only become engaged last month (at a festival). I’m knee-deep in internet blogs, Pinterest boards and magazine clippings, but obviously still very scarce on actual booked and finalised things. There’s a lot of ideas going on, so I’m excited to start getting things down into actual plans and seeing the day come together. We want our wedding to be personal to us, as a three – Me, Charlie and Adam – Not just the two of us as a couple. I like to support independent creative people too, so we’ll be trying to incorporate different aspects that might not be the traditional way to go. I’m a bit of a perfectionist, whereas Adam is really laid back, so I’m hoping things will all go to plan, gulp! We’re aiming to get married in June 2016.

Hollie x

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I am Gemma, a twenty eight year old teacher born and bred in Suffolk. I have been teaching for six years and love my job, working with children and young people. Outside of my classroom, I also volunteer in a cadet force with young people aged ten to eighteen. This is a slightly surreal experience, I was encouraged by a friend of mine to apply to ASTW and share my thoughts on getting ready to be married and planning the wedding.
I studied at my local university and stayed at home, I’ve rarely left the UK (not that I’m complaining) … but had I left home I probably wouldn’t have met my husband-to-be. Living at home has meant I’ve spent a lot of my youth on the Suffolk and Norfolk coastline. One of my favourite places to be is Great Yarmouth, especially the Hippodrome as I’m into circus arts and love watching the music, lights and costumes that combine to make the magical show that allows the audience to escape for a little while from the hustle and bustle. But before we get too excited, I’m not going for a circus themed wedding as much as I would have loved it!
I have a small family, my parents who have been happily married for the last thirty-eight years as well as my brother and his wife who have been married for almost a year. My parents are a living testimony of how a partnership should work – they’ve faced some epic partner battles but they have had some great triumphs in there too.
If anything, watching my parents has made me highlight the importance of making memories, happy or sad, big or small … memories are what build up your history, the story through life that you can record. This leads me onto one of my biggest loves – photography. I am usually behind the nearest camera lens, not in front of it, a battle I will have to face before my wedding day I’m sure but it’s emphasized the importance of having “perfect” photos to preserve those memories and share them with those that you love.
My husband-to-be is an amazingly understanding man and so far, we’ve had very few arguments about what we want from our special day. Hopefully it continues but I guess you guys will find out! We are aiming for a nautically themed wedding. We are both part of the Sea Cadets and it seemed like a natural thing for us to use as our inspiration. The only thing he’s requested so far was to use the colour blue as homage to his beloved Ipswich Town (Someone has to support them!) – I like vintage fashion and styles and hopefully will be crafty enough to maybe make my own bunting. We aren’t that formal a couple and we will definitely be having a child-friendly day.
I’m hoping that my blog posts will help, encourage and re-assure that maybe I have felt the same things that you are feeling or have felt too. I look forward to seeing how this journey goes and what directions we’ll go on the way. Bring on August 2016 and becoming Mrs M!
Gemma x

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My name is Kadi and I work as a full time teacher. I teach Sociology, RE and Ethics in a secondary school in West Sussex. I love teaching but I have lots of other hobbies that I enjoy in my spare time. I really enjoy cooking and experimenting with food, although not everything turns out particularly well! I am also a keen photographer. I hate the thought of all the small precious moments in life being forgotten and photos are a great way of remembering these. I spend hours compiling photos and thoughts into scrap books to look back on in the future. Another keen interest of mine is health and nutrition. In my spare time I work for a worldwide health and nutritional company, educating people how to live a healthier and more active lifestyle. This is something I would like to do full time in the future.
The very first time I saw my now fiancé was when I was 17. Our parents had caravans opposite each other in Newquay. It wasn’t until we were 27 that we started chatting and spending time together.  Only 6 months after  our  first  conversation on Facebook, I had a new teaching job and I had moved 3 hours south to live with my fiancé. It was the scariest but the best decision I have ever made. My partner proposed in May this year in our favourite restaurant. We are planning to get married in August 2016 and I can’t wait!
Getting married when I’m 30 means I have seen a lot of weddings and talked to a lot of brides. I knew from listening to other brides that I wanted our wedding to be stress free and simple, yet unforgettable. My family and friends live all over the country so planning this wedding was always going to be a little tricky. However, I love a challenge and I can’t wait to share all of my ideas with you about how to save money, DIY your wedding and reduce stress.

Kadi x  

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