Ellie Kime - Editor and Writer

Say helloooo to your very own Editor and Writer, lil’ old me!

I absolutely adore craftiness, frequently trying my hand at whatever projects I find on Pinterest. These range from tassel cushions, teabags and 1 ingredient ice cream to elaborate kimonos, floral hanging backdrops and paper roses. Along with the rest of the world, I’m attempting to perfect the macaron—when that day comes, I’ll be a very content girl. Up until that day, I’ll continue to eat the mixture. I also want to visit the world, and own a townhouse filled with neon pink lit-up words.

My ultimate dream is to become a wedding planner, curating days as stunning and unique as the couple they belong to. Why wouldn’t you want to be a part of the best day of someone’s life? Weddings are all about making the days a perfect reflection of the couple, and that’s why I joined And So To Wed – it’s an amazing community for couples to find businesses who’ll do anything they can to give couples exactly what they want. As a content strategist, I work behind the scenes, but also (hopefully!) pinpoint and write about things that really pique your interest. The ‘writer’ part of my job title is kind of what it says on the tin. I also work as an intern for Pamella Dunn, an exceptional wedding planner and stylist based in Leeds, who’s given me the opportunity to essentially live out my dream day-to-day, both on site and administratively.

I’m overwhelmed on a daily basis by the creativity and ingenuity of brides and grooms. Everything from your colour scheme to flowers to entertainment to venue can be made personal, and it’s my favourite part of my job is to see what couples create. It’s a bit like gift-giving (my other life passion), and seeing their happy faces when they tear through the paper and see what they’ve always dreamed of.