Laura Billingham - Marketing Manager

Hi I’m Laura! I’m extremely lucky to be working within such a beautiful and creative company, weddings just make everything so much more exciting! I’m a lover of anything shiny, sparkly and unique so I love looking out for new and upcoming small businesses who can join us here at ASTW.

I spend most of my time trying to work out how my new baby boy works (don’t think I’ll ever have that one sussed) and the rest of my time is spent searching for wedding loveliness (much, much easier and quieter too).

Most of my work is done behind the scenes. I tend to hide away and drink far too many cups of tea (secretly polishing off a chocolate digestive or two when nobody is watching) whilst tackling admin work, dealing with our lovely suppliers and researching the latest trends that are sweeping across the wedding world.

It’s pretty, it’s perfect and I love it.